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DJservices improving the lives of our customers and the health of our community.

Creative, Professional, Impactful, Accessible

Minnesota - Wisconsin

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 Our Mission

Providing affordable, quality sound, Karaoke, and DJ services with an emphasis on creating joy and community impact through the power of music

Our Core Principle:
Produce DJ services that improve the lives of our customers and benefit the health of our community

River Beats Entertainment is a small-scale DJ business with a mission to provide affordable, quality sound and Karaoke and DJ services for weddings and other community & private events.

Since 2014, River Beats provided DJ and entertainment services for colleges, churches, private parties, fundraisers, nonprofits, high schools, community events, and of course, weddings!

Colin (DJ Quest) is an active, local DJ serving Minnesota and areas of Wisconsin. He employs a diverse range of musical tastes and has provided DJ Entertainment for eight years, working and learning with some of the best DJ companies in the area completing 200+ weddings and events. Colin is also the Owner of River Beats Entertainment.


Colin’s Style:

He applies a wide range of music types to DJ sets. Before the event, he sets up consultations with the couples or event organizers to get a feel for the event, and tailors a custom list of songs special to the event and the guests! Colin is an open format DJ - that means he can play a wide range of genres and songs to provide variety and incorporate all music tastes on the dance floor; no events are the same! 


2000s hits, Club hits, 2015-2017 hits, Electronic / Dance, Remixes, Oldies, 80s, 90s, current top 40 hits, House, Rock and Roll, Country, Kid-friendly music, Pop, R&B, Rap, Punk-Alt, Soul, Funk


Other Capabilities:

Bollywood/Desi, Latinx 2000's, current hits, Afrobeats, Reggae 

Image of Colin - DJ

During the events, he reads the crowd to see what is getting people on the dance floor. He will keep the night going and give everyone something to dance to. His job is to keep the night active and provide a quality music selection appropriate to the event theme and crowd type.

Colin is also highly experienced in ceremonies and making sure his couples have everything they need for their wedding ceremony.

Pricing Examples


Average 8 Hour Ceremony and Reception Wedding *



Average 4 Hour Non-Wedding Event



Average 4 Hour Non-Wedding Event with a Social Cause or Need *



Average 4 hour Karaoke Package



Advanced Lighting Add-on (2024 rate)


*Advanced uplighting, dance lighting upgrades for an unforgettable event.

* What makes this company unique is its sliding scale pricing providing discounted rates for events with a social cause and for events/weddings needing entertainment services, but have budget constraints, or have a specific need to receive reduced-cost, or in some situations, free DJ services for their event/wedding.

Ready to book? Have additional questions? For a quick answer, feel free to use the chat feature on the website in the bottom right hand corner, or submit a contact form to provide initial details about your event and get the process started.

After submitting the contact form, I will reach out to schedule a Zoom call to go over your event and get more details to start a quote!

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