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What makes this company unique is its sliding scale pricing providing discounted rates for events with a social cause and for events/weddings needing entertainment services, but have budget constraints, or have a specific need to receive reduced-cost, or in some situations, free DJ services for their event/wedding.

We want to serve people, and some people may not have the ability to pay market rate for services; to be equitable, we evaluate each event on the following criteria:

How it Works:

Building Plans

Event Complexity

Events are priced based on event length, live audio amplification, and the amount of customization for the event.

Calendar Pages

Scheduling Considerations

Booking earlier than later is better. Availability is looked at the surrounding weeks and the week of the event.

Kids Dancing

Number of Guests

The higher the number, the broader the impact of services provided. Average examples below are for 100-300 guests.

Taking an Exam

Statement of Need

Each client has an opportunity to provide a statement of need to demonstrate a need for reduced, or even free DJ services. The statement must clearly describe your event and who you are, what DJ services would do for your event, and why reduced cost services are needed for your event.

Pricing Examples


Average 8 Hour Ceremony and Reception Wedding *



Average 4 Hour Non-Wedding Event



Average 4 Hour Non-Wedding Event with a Social Cause or Need *



Average 4 hour Karaoke Package



Advanced Lighting Add-on (2024 rate)


*Active DMX light control, advanced uplighting, dance lighting upgrades for an unforgettable event.

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