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Meet Colin - DJ River Beats

Hi! My name is Colin (DJ River Beats) and I am the owner of River Beats Entertainment and am an active, local DJ serving Minnesota and some areas of Wisconsin. I have a diverse range of musical tastes and have done DJ Entertainment for eight years, working and learning with some of the best DJ companies in the area completing 200+ weddings and events.

My Style:

I apply a wide range of music types to my DJ sets. Before the event, I set up consultations with my couples or event organizers to get a feel for the event and collaborate on a custom list of songs special to the event and the guests! I am an open format DJ - that means I like to play a wide range of genres and songs to provide variety and incorporate all music tastes on the dance floor!

During the events, I read the crowd and see what is getting people on the dance floor. I have a wide-ranging selection of songs from all kinds of eras and genres to keep the night going and give everyone something to dance to. My job is to keep the night active and provide a music selection appropriate to the event theme and crowd type.

I also love playing background music for dinners and receptions and MCing if needed for events!

On Weddings:

Weddings are magical events for families to get together, celebrate love, and party down. I love being a part of making a special day possible for couples and creating memories that last a lifetime.

Genre Preferences/Specialties:

My favorite genres of music are Rap, R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, Punk, and Dance and Electronic music. I love current country hits and rock and roll classics and don’t hesitate to pull them out. For eras, I especially love 80s music and 2000's dance and hits – but appreciate music from all eras and love pulling out oldies, especially Motown, Soul and Funk! I do homework for all events and I take requests in advance and day of to build custom, interactive events!

I also love more niche genres like House, Techno, Folk, and Experimental music.

My Relationship With Music:

Music is a deep part of my history. My mom had an upright piano when I was growing up and would play on that constantly. I played trumpet in high school, then singing in college, and now mixing and arranging music as a DJ. Music is a healing tool and a creative outlet for me and I love finding music to fit any occasion.

Favorite Part About Being A DJ: Bringing the party everywhere I go!

Pronouns: He, Him

LGBTQ Friendly

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